Listening to Something Different:  Jodhaa Akbar

Wanting to buy an interesting LP while I was in India, I purchased the movie soundtrack Jodhaa Akbar LP.  Knowing very little about Indian music, I asked for a recommendation.   This LP did not disappoint!

Jodhaa Akbar Soundtrack
Jodhaa Akbar Soundtrack and movie photo

Listen to a sample:



Jodhaa Akbar: The Movie

We attempted to view the Jodhaa Akbar movie on youtube for free, but the upload is poor quality so I am buying it on my next trip to India.  It’s an epic film that has received great reviews.  Here’s just one from Amazon…

This story is a delightful romance between an Emperor, and his Empress, the realms Kings, greed, deceit, love, sacrifice, and honor. Beautifully filmed on location, amazing costumes, set, lovely music, and a romance that shows the fire, determination, kindness, and beauty of true love won in the hearts of a man of righteous power, and a woman who is determined to be understood – not just for her self, but for the love of her people and their future. We will be watching this many times in the future. A Class 1 movie that makes you feel happy and lifted. A definite film to see and own!

LP Available at

Movie (with subtitles) available at

Also Available from

Movie with Subtitles is also available at

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Jodhaa Akbar: LP and Film

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