Wow!  Do you listen to all those albums?

Vinyl Collectors spend a ton of time and money building an enviable record collection, only to be faced with the dilemma that it takes time to listen to all that music, and for many of us, time is in short supply.

Music Time

So many things get in the way of just SITTING LISTENING TO AN ALBUM – work, family, dogs and shopping being the main things for me – that I find myself just squeezing in the odd disc now and again. It can get so bad that you can buy records faster than you can hear them.


A Real-Life Maths Problem

John recently bought 78 albums from a friend. Allowing around 40 minutes per album, that equates to 51.48 listening hours…not counting cleaning and handling them. It took John a mere hour to buy them. If John’s lucky, in a good week, he might listen to an album a day (rarely happens).  How many months will it take John to listen to them all, if he doesn’t want to spin any of his favourites?  Anyway, you get the idea!

The Headphone Multi-Tasking Solution

Sure, you can buy great quality wireless headphones, enabling you to listen to an album while doing something else around the house, but they’re never as good as listening to your music through good quality loudspeakers. Neither is it the same when you must share your attention between mundane tasks and listening to your music – you simply cannot do justice to the music that way. It doesn’t matter if you’re streaming digital sources, because clearly, you’re not a true music lover anyway, so not paying attention to the woeful noise coming through your bass-heavy headphones is probably beneficial.  It also saves everyone else from being forced to listen to that ‘carp.’

Vinyl Anonymous

I have a growing number of unopened or unplayed (very interesting) albums. I tell myself I’ll get around to hearing them soon, but who am I kidding? My collection constantly expands, but my “me time” constantly shrinks – it’s like some perverse natural law. Still, nothing will stop me collecting, even though my wife asks me “Why are you buying more records when you haven’t listened to the ones you’ve already got?” It’s obvious that nobody understands vinyl addiction except other vinyl addicts.

Music time largest vinyl record collection
Brazilian Businessman owns the worlds largest record collection.  Click photo for article.

Before It’s Too Late

I’m going to try to find more time for playing my music, even though it appears hopeless. It’s just a matter of priorities, surely? Obviously, I need to work just long enough to keep a roof over my head and to pay the electricity bill.  After that, it’s all a futile distraction. 

My Epitaph

After I’ve shuffled off this mortal coil, I want my headstone to say “Spin your records now, so you don’t spin in your grave.”

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Music Time: A Vinyl Record Collector Dilemma

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