On My Bookshelf II

Rock Covers is, in every sense, an impressive piece of work – hardback, big format, weighs a ton and uses top quality paper. Masses of fascinating information here for the serious collector of rock vinyl. If you are going to use this on your coffee table, make sure it’s a strong one. A pleasure to read.

Robbie Busch, Jonathan Kirby, Edited by Julius Weidemann
552 pages, full colour.
Publisher/Year: TASCHEN/2014
Size 51 x 305 x 305 mm (2x12x12 inches)

Available at Amazon.com (in the USA) and Amazon.co.uk (in the UK and EU)

Rock Covers Front
Front of Rock Covers (using the most iconic image ever created for a rock album?)


Clever presentation – the inner front and back covers




Contents page


A feast for the eyes – excerpt from Rock Covers


Something for everyone – from Rock’n’Roll to Classic Rock, Metal and Post-Punk Rock. Excerpt from Rock Covers.


Even a section on what some collectors favour when it comes to Rock Covers.


Rear cover of Rock Covers

Watch for our next post in the series:  On My Bookshelf III

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Rock Covers: On My Bookshelf

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